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Ironwood Business Solution Locator

Sales (or Sales Staff) Performance is Inadequate

Marketing (or Promotion) Performance is Inadequate

Market is Shrinking or Not Sufficiently Large

Product is Not Selling

Profitability: Company or Product Line is Underperforming

Operations or Service Production is Inadequate, Ineffective or Dysfunctional

Financially Overextended and Balance Sheet "Upside Down"

Constricted Cash Flow (although Profitability is OK and/or Balance Sheet is OK)

Collections are Inadequate

Unaccountable Losses due to Suspected Fraud or Security Breach

Under-capitalized Company ~ Need for Growth Capital

Competitive Analysis Package
[Benchmarking performance vs. competitors]

Competitive Analysis Package II
[Details of major competitors]

Collections Analysis & Restructuring
[Review of collections and restructure or outsource]

Due Diligence Packages
[Background on the Business]

Financial Review Package
[Determine ‘hidden’ business performance issues]

Financial Planning Package (‘Virtual Reality Planning’)
[Incorporation of specific and industry variables to continually updated planning]

Funding Package and/or Acquisition of Funds
[Preparation of company review of prospectus suitable for review by funding sources; may include seeking of funding, either debt or equity]

Operational Review Package
[Review of overall business process issues]

Sales Process Review
[Review sales process for restructure]

Security Assessment
[Determine security ‘holes’: IT, general, etc.]

Strategy Development
[Strategic Planning; overcoming obstacles to growth]

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