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Due Diligence

Scope of Service: Assist the client (either a business or investor) in gathering all pertinent background data, including financial, needed to make an acquisition or merger decision, vendor selection, or create a partnership. The assumption is that the client does not have the resources to conduct due diligence on his own or requires an objective 3rd party for the process.

Duration: depends on package selected

Objective/Possible Outcomes: Discover as much financial, operational, market and sales background information as possible on the 'target' business in order to provide as much intelligence as possible for a 'go or no-go' decision.

Process/Methods: One or more Ironwood Senior Consultants with financial, operational, sales and marketing backgrounds are tasked with doing primary research on the business, including reviewing the general ledger, production data, sales data, and employee interviews.

Deliverable: A report that includes Ironwood's collected data, observations, and recommendations.


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