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Senior Consultant Gene Siciliano publishes on Finance with McGraw Hill


by Gene Siciliano
Newest Addition To The McGraw-Hill Briefcase Book Series

Los Angeles, CA – Author Gene Siciliano’s just-published, Finance for Non-financial Managers, (McGraw-Hill Briefcase Books, $14.95, softcover at Barnes & Noble on-line), offers an intelligent solution to a problem endemic to middle managers and small business owners: they don’t understand the basic concepts and language of accounting and finance. And in this uncertain economic climate, they must.

These men and women are making financial decisions daily, from budget management to interpreting financial reports to negotiating bank loans. Further, they are faced with needing to understand complex corporate considerations such as the recently imposed Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 which set new rules and regulations for corporate conduct and tightened corporate reporting requirements.

Siciliano packs an enormous amount of information in his jargon-free Finance for the Non-financial Manager. He gives the needed tools to understand “finance speak;” delineates the role of financial management, shows how to interpret financial reports - why they are generated and what they mean, explains profit and cash flow, explains cost accounting and how to finance a business and interest outside investors.
Specialized features fill the book including: Smart Managing, Cautions, Tricks of the Trade, Key Terms, Examples, Tools and Mistake-Proofing.

A financial expert and communicator, Siciliano is a CPA, a CFO, and founder and owner his own financial management consulting business, CFO for Rent®, and nationally known speaker and trainer. He has advised corporate leaders, small business owners and people who had a great idea but no grasp of the basics of finance. He counts this lack of understanding to many of the failures of the dot.coms, many of which became his clients.

Most books on finance and financial management are written in hard-to-comprehend accounting terminology, are heavy and dull and are put on a shelf never to be looked at again. Finance for Non-financial Managers is designed to be read through and then to be looked at again and again as a reference book. It has large type, is light weight and has fun charts and graphs that make sense. For example, Siciliano uses a football game to demonstrate the flow of financial information during the life of a company. He uses buckets on a scale to explain how a balance sheet works and includes educational tools that can help non-financial people learn to use finance rather than try to avoid it.

Finance for Non-financial Managers, part of McGraw-Hill’s Briefcase Book series helps people learn how to use finance in their businesses. It will make a difference in the
education and success of countless business people across the country.

Buy the book on-line at for $14.95

Gene Siciliano is a member of the Software Council of Southern California. a Senior Consultant with Ironwood Advisory and Founder and President of Western Management Associates. Gene Siciliano is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a CPA. He is on the board of the Exceptional Children's Foundation, the Institute of Management Consultants (So. Calif. Chapter) and the National Speakers Association - So. California chapter. Gene speaks nationally to corporate teams and association audiences on finance, business planning and business management topics.

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